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Reducing enclosure humidity to cut condensation

  Reducing enclosure humidity. There are several methods of reducing enclosure humidity to avoid condensation. Flooding the enclosure with dry nitrogen is quick and effective, but may not be viable or...

Relationship of absolute dehumidifying capacity and ambient

Is the absolute dehumidifying capacity affected by ambient temperature and humidity? Rosahl membranes remove moisture from an enclosure. The manufacturer publishes dehumidifying capacity at 30° C and 60% RH as an indication of performance. This is not the absolute...

Differences between open and enclosed power supplies

Open and enclosed power supplies To ensure reliable operation of Rosahl membrane dehumidifiers under all operating conditions it is important to use a switching power supply (PSU) with the performance specified in the relevant membrane specification sheet. Service...

What is the IP rating of Rosahl dehumidifier membranes?

Is Rosahl waterproof? Rosahl dehumidifiers work by passing gasses through the polymer membrane to the outside of an enclosure. To achieve this, they must be porous to gas and vapour. However, they are not porous to solid particles or liquids under normal conditions....

Working with dehumidifier drying time curves

Micro-dehumidifiers are used to air-dry small enclosures and cabinets up to 4m³. For ease of use, dehumidifier drying time curves are shown in graphical form, based on defined conditions.   However, there are many factors that can affect the drying times, and...







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