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Humidity Controller

  The C-M1J humidity controller is available as an option for use with the enclosed membranes (S-5T1, S-7T1, S-10T1) and may also be used with the RDH series. It is adjustable in range of 20-80% RH ±10%.  Users are advised to check the calibration of the C-M1J before use.  


Model C-MJ1
Dielectric strength (V) 2000V (1 Min)
Dimensions (mm) 78x112x50
Weight (kg) 0.2
Adjustment range 20-80%RH
Operating temperature 10 to + 50°C


** These assemblies have not been CE marked in accordance with the European EMC or Low Voltage Directives, and will be supplied only to customers outside the European Union.  They do comply with the RoHS Directive

*1 The initial value at the temperature of 30°C and humidity of 60%. (The dehumidifying capacity will degrade during use. How much it degrades depends on the operating environment and conditions. If any signs of abnormality are seen, early replacement is recommended.)   *2 The applicable volume is for a sealed, moisture-impermeable container, and may vary depending on the material of the container, state of sealing and required humidity.   *3 The annual average power consumption in average conditions in Japan. *4 The dimensions of A x B x C in the figure. (The height of the dial on the RDHC type and humidity controller unit is 15 mm.) *5 RDH-3P1 does not include a humidity controller.







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