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Rosahl Quick select


Quickly check if Rosahl membranes are suitable for your application.

How does Rosahl work?

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More on selection here

More detailed information on selecting the correct membrane for your application go here

Rosahl quick selection


Many factors influence membrane selection for a particular application, and we recommend you go here for more selection information.  Use this section to quickly check if Rosahl may be suitable for your application.


Key selection factors

  • For best performance, your enclosures need to be sealed against moisture ingress.
  • Membranes have a typical half-life of five years when run 24/7.  Oversize to extend useful installed life
  • Drying times are extended for larger containers, and multiple membranes may be installed

Typical M-Series drying curve for a 50 litre container at 30°C 90% RH

Image of Rosahl drying performance for a 50 litre enclosure

 Rosahl membrane quick selection table

In addition to enclosure size, humidity of the outside air is a factor affecting selection. The table below gives selection information at local ambients of <90% and <70% RH


For <90% RH ambient
Target humidity
30% RH
Target humidity
50% RH
Target humidity
75% RH
For <70% RH ambient
Target humidity
25% RH
Target humidity
40% RH
Target humidity
60% RH
Membrane selection
PD4, PD50.25l0.5l1l
PD2, PD3, RD3, RD4 0.5l1 l2 l
M-2J1R60 l 125 l250l
M-3M1R90 l180 l350 l
M-3J1R & MDL-30.125 m³0.250 m³0.5 m³
M-5J1R & MDL-5 0.25 m³0.5 m³1 m³
M-7J1R & MDL-70.5 m³1 m³2 m³
M-10J1R1 m³2 m³4 m³