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Avoiding condensation in industrial and commercial equipment is critical to ensure reliable operation and lower maintenance costs.  Depending on the application there is a number of was of lowering humidity to below the dew point and preventing problems.

Selecting the right solution for any application can require some thought due to the variability of temperature, pressure and relative humidity.  Equipment which operates without problem in the daytime, may suffer from condensation as night-time temperatures fall and the dew point is reached.  This is because ability of air to hold moisture falls with temperature.

One way is to remove as much of the water vapour as possible, but this can add unnecessarily to both the initial equipment cost as well as the running cost.  Another consideration is the material inside the enclosure, as some man-made, and many natural materials require varying degrees of humidity to retain their structure.

Lowering operating costs

Avoiding condensation by using self-maintaining dehumidifiers is also preferable as they reduce the need for a regular maintenance procedures such al cleaning and draining waste water. Ionic membrane dehumidifiers provide a simple low-energy solution that is suitable for closed containers and cabinets.

stop moisture build-up to protect equipment
Image of Rosahl flat panel electric dehumidifier

Avoiding condensation

In a feature originally published by innovative design magazine Eureka, Tom Shelley considered two non-competing technologies use a small amount of electricity to remove moisture continuously from inside a closed volume…… “A family of Japanese solid-state devices removes moisture from inside enclosures electrolytically, while a rather larger British-made device continuously eliminates moisture from power transformers and tanks of chemical by utilising absorbent, a heater and natural changes in atmospheric pressure.
Both devices are ‘fit and forget’. However, while the Japanese device is ideal for maintaining the functioning of electronic products in a damp climate, the British device is equally adept in its application areas.” Follow this link to the full article

Advantages of Rosahl dehumidifiers