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Prices for Rosahl micro-dehumidifier membranes are in GBP (UK Pounds). UK prices adjusted on 25/8/16 due to exchange rate variations

Use contact us for prices for assemblies and accessories, special quantities, or prices in US Dollars or Euros



Rosahl price list


ModelList PricePrice per order quantity
RD & PD1-49 units50-999 units
GBP 17.2GBP 14.8
MDL SeriesList PricePrice per order
1-4 units5-24 units
MDL-5GBP 137GBP131
MDL-7GBP 224GBP 213
M-SeriesList PricePrice per order
1-4 units5-24 units
M-2J1RGBP 66GBP 63
M-3M1RGBP 79GBP 75
M-3J1RGBP 92GBP 87
M-5J1RGBP 128GBP 121
M-7J1RGBP 208GBP 198
M-10J1RGBP 331GBP 314
MDL-Series Mounting Kits
1-4 units5-24 units
MDL3 Mounting Kit
GBP 18.4GBP 17.7
MDL5 Mounting KitGBP 21.8GBP 21
MDL7 Mounting KitGBP 24.3GBP 23.4
Open board power suppliesList Price
(not-enclosed)Membrane sizes1-4 units
M-2J1R, M-3M1R, M-3J1R, MDL-3GBP 24.65
BWM3.3SX-U1AM-5J1R, MDL-5GBP 31.44
BWT3.3SX-U1AM-7J1R, MDL-7GBP 41.83
BWB3.3SX-U1AM-10J1RGBP 52.36
BW1 cable harnessBWS, BWMGBP 3.94
BW2 cable harnessBWT, BWBGBP 3.94
Enclosed power suppliesList Price
Enclosed power suppliesMembrane sizes1-4 units
BWS3.3SX-P-U1AM-2J1R, M-3M1R, M-3J1R, MDL-3GBP 27.21
BWM3.3SX-P-U1AM-5J1R, MDL-5GBP 36.91
BWT3.3SX-P-U1AM-7J1R, MDL-7GBP 44.13
BWB3.3SX-P-U1AM-10J1RGBP 60.71
For cable harness select BW1 or BW2 from above
Enclosed Membranes without power supply1-4 units5-24 units
S-5T1 (S-5J1)GBP 264GBP 220
S-7T1 (S-7J1)GBP 412GBP 344
S-10T1 (S-10J1)GBP 561GBP 467








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