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Prices for Rosahl dehumidifiers depend on the quantity ordered. There is no minimum order quantity, and prices given below are for some of the more popular models. Prices are shown in Euros.  If you need prices in US Dollars, GBP, or for larger quantities, please contact us.

The use of special materials in the making of ionic membranes gives them unique characteristics. The key to evaluating Rosahl is to include lifetime cost of ownership. It provides effective maintenance free performance, low running costs, and a long operating life

Rosahl price list from 1st January 2024


Minimum order charge 60 Euros

ModelGBP List PriceEUR List Price
Small series1-49 units1-49 units
RD3, RD4, PD2, PD3£18.93EUR 21,96
PD4, PD5£12.47EUR 14,46
RS1,RS2 with gasket£31.25EUR 36,25
MDL SeriesList PriceList Price
1-6 units
MDL3£145.69EUR 169,00
MDL-5£228.74EUR 265,33
MDL-7352.87EUR 409,33
M-SeriesList PriceList Price
1- 6 units1- 6 units
M-1J1R£57.98EUR 67,26
M-2J1R£71.19EUR 82,58
M-3M1R£92.88EUR 107,74
M-3J1R£120.13EUR 139,35
M-5J1R£194.52EUR 225,65
M-7J1R£300.06EUR 348,06
M-10J1R££545.05EUR 632,26
MDL-Series Mounting Kits
1- 6 units1- 6 units
MDL3 Mounting Kit
£15.66EUR 18,17
MDL5 Mounting Kit£17.39EUR 20,17
MDL7 Mounting Kit19.25EUR 22,33
Open board power suppliesList Price
open board type
LDA30F-3£62.57EUR 72,58
LDA30F-3£62.57EUR 72,58
Cable harness
Enclosed power suppliesList Price
Semi-enclosed power supplies
BWS3.3SX-P-U1A£39.93EUR 45,16
Cable harness includedincluded
Enclosed Membranes without power supply1- 6 units1- 6 units
£304.37EUR 353,06
S-7T1£424.64EUR 492,58
£732.06EUR 849,19