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Rosahl power supplies

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Rosahl power supplies

The correct power supply (PSU) for Rosahl micro dehumidifiers needs a suitable DC output characteristic for the reliable operation. The manufacturer recommends a constant current limiting PSU with an output current suitable for the rating of the membrane used.

Fold-back and hiccup power supplies

It is possible to use other types of power supplies, but users should refer to their preferred suppliers for performance details. A fold-back type PSU may be suitable provided the output voltage does not fall below 1.8V DC during overload conditions. Importantly. the output characteristic generated by hiccup mode power supplies make them unsuitable for use with Rosahl membranes.


Rosahl switching power supplies

A range of suitable low-cost enclosed and open board type switching PSUs suitable for use with Rosahl membranes is available from Westside International. These constant current limiting power supplies are suitable for an input voltage range of 85 to 264V AC and have a 3VDC output. They are RoHS compliant and marked for CE and UL. The correct model selection is from the tables below.

They use standard input and output connectors from the VH Series manufactured by Company JST, and these are widely available: the connector details are also given in the table. The included harnesses provide both input and output cables and comes with 400mm cables. Mode Rosahl power supplies are suitable for mounting in five or six orientations with appropriate derating.


General Specifications

– Rosahl enclosed and open board type power supplies: CE; UL; RoHS compliant as follows:

– Conduction noise: EN55022 Class B; FCC Part15-B Class B, VCCI Class B,

– Safety standards: EN60950-1 certificate; UL60950-1, CSA60950-1,

– CE marking (low voltage directive) self-declared

– RoHS directive compliant

Open board type power supplies

Rosahl open board power supply

Cable Harness
The cable harness includes input and output terminals with 400mm cables







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