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Video shows enclosures using solid-state dehumidifiers

The ability of water to change from a gas to a liquid (condensation) and back to gas causes problems for many consumer and industrial products. Removing moisture from enclosures using solid-state dehumidifiers has many advantages over conventional methods....

Change Notification for Rosahl assemblies

  3rd,Apr, 2018 RYOSAI TECHNICA CO., LTD. Electrolytic Dehumidifier Department   Notice : The changes of AC/DC power supply and terminal block, built-in electrolytic dehumidifier for Rosahl assemplies”. Due to production discontinuance of AC/DC power supply which...

Reducing enclosure humidity to cut condensation

  Reducing enclosure humidity. There are several methods of reducing enclosure humidity to avoid condensation. Flooding the enclosure with dry nitrogen is quick and effective, but may not be viable or...

Relationship of absolute dehumidifying capacity and ambient

Is the absolute dehumidifying capacity affected by ambient temperature and humidity? Rosahl membranes remove moisture from an enclosure. The manufacturer publishes dehumidifying capacity at 30° C and 60% RH as an indication of performance. This is not the absolute...

Differences between open and enclosed power supplies

Open and enclosed power supplies To ensure reliable operation of Rosahl membrane dehumidifiers under all operating conditions it is important to use a switching power supply (PSU) with the performance specified in the relevant membrane specification sheet. Service...







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