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3rd,Apr, 2018


Electrolytic Dehumidifier Department


Notice : The changes of AC/DC power supply and terminal block, built-in electrolytic dehumidifier for Rosahl assemplies”.

Due to production discontinuance of AC/DC power supply which is used in electrolytic dehumidifier “Rosahl”, we inform you of the following changes. We would appreciate your understanding.

  1. The products to be regulated : 9 models of Rosahl assemb;ies

General purpose type dehumidifier : RDH-3J1 / RDH-5J1 / RDH-7J1 / RDH-10J1 / RDH-10J2

With humidity controller type dehumidifier : RDHC-5J1 / RDHC-7J1 / RDHC-10J1/ RDHC-10J2


  1. The contents of changes

The changes of AC/DC power supply and terminal block, builtin dehumidifier. (refer to chart1 and chart2)

※For general purpose type “RDH-3J1”, only terminal block to be changed.
Chart.1 Before the changes (present product)

Revised Rodahl micro-demumidifier power supplies

3. The reason for changes

Due to production discontinuance at power supply manufacturer (COSEL.CO.JP).

4. Due to the changes, the influence on products

(1)The function of power supply
Though the power supply manufacturer and the specifications are partially changed, the
conventional functions are covered. Thus, it can be used as ever. (*We confirm that there
is no operational difficulty at our advance verification.)
In addition, as for 4 models, RDH-10J1、RDH-10J2、RDHC-10J1、RDHC-10J2, the input
voltage range is from “AC85~132V” to “AC85~264V”, it can be used abroad as it is.
(2)The position of LED
As for 4 models, RDH-5J1、RDH-7J1、RDHC-5J1、RDHC-7J1, the installation position of
LED is changed. (chart 1, chart2) In addition, to be installed on the housing cover directly,
therefore it is a protruding structure a little. (chart 3)

(3)The terminal block
The pitch of a screw is almost the same as conventional one and it can be connected as
ever. In addition, we change into the type which is easy to install and reinforced.
Consequently, the external dimension is changed. For further details, please refer to below
dimension difference from set plate. (chart 3)

Chart.3 The dimension difference from set plate (back plate)

(4) The installation dimension

The external dimension of dehumidifier body (excluding terminal block part) and the installation  dimension  secure  the  compatibility  with  the  present  product.  (*The installation dimension has no change)


(5) RoHS-compliant

As for all 9 models, 6 RoHS regulated substances, which exceed regal regulation level,  are not contained.


5. The replacement period

From April 2018, the model replacement will be performed. (Not to be mingled in delivery lot.) *The replacement period may be changed the order for each model depending on the stock of AC/DC power supply.