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– a revolution in humidity control



ROSAHL is for dehumidifying commercial and industrial enclosures. Not sure if it is suitable? email us about your application

Where are micro-dehumidifiers used?

image of ionic membrane dehumidifier

Rosahl micro dehumidifier

Rosahl is a unique electric micro dehumidifier for enclosures from one litre up to 4m³

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Image of membrane micro dehumidifiers to protect lasers

Protect electro optics

Rosahl dehumidifiers avert expensive failures of sensitive electronic and electro-optic devices due to humidity and condensation.

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Image of Rosahl ionic membrane micro dehumidifiers protecting museum displays

Protect valuables

Micro dehumidifiers protect valuable items and priceless artifacts from damage by moisture and condensation.

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Imabe of ionic membrane dehumidifiers for hard to access sites

Protect remote equipment

Providing moisture protection for equipment that is difficult to service, micro dehumidifiers operate for years without maintenance.

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image ionic membranes dehumidify medical equipment

Protect investment

Micro dehumidifiers offer improved reliability of high cost capital equipment operating in hostile conditions.

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