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Where are electric micro-dehumidifiers used?

image of ionic membrane dehumidifier

Rosahl micro dehumidifier

Rosahl is a unique electric micro dehumidifier for enclosures from one litre up to 4m³

Image of membrane micro dehumidifiers to protect lasers

Protecting photonics

Rosahl dehumidifiers avert expensive failures of sensitive electronic and electro-optic devices due to humidity and condensation.
Image of Rosahl ionic membrane micro dehumidifiers protecting museum displays

Protect valuables

Micro dehumidifiers protect valuable items and priceless artifacts from damage by moisture and condensation.
Imabe of ionic membrane dehumidifiers for hard to access sites

Protect remote equipment

Providing moisture protection for equipment that is difficult to service, micro dehumidifiers operate for years without maintenance.
image ionic membranes dehumidify medical equipment

Protect investment

Micro dehumidifiers offer improved reliability of high cost capital equipment operating in hostile conditions.

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Benefits of Rosahl dehumidifiers

Equipment failure due to moisture damage has major cost implications for OEMS, machine builders and end-users, but is easily avoided.

Installing Rosahl solid-state electric dehumidifiers protects sensitive electronic and optical equipment from long-term moisture damage.

Developed by a leading global manufacturer, Rosahl micro-dehumidifiers use a compact solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) membrane for long-term maintenance-free drying.

Waterless process
No noise or vibration
Ultra compact
Maintenance free
Small energy footprint
Operates from -20°C to +50°C
For enclosures 250ml to 8m³







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