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Protecting remote equipment from humidity and condensation damage

Rosahl is a maintenance-free electric dehumidifier designed for use in electrical cabinets with volumes one litre and larger. It is frequently used for protecting remote equipment from humidity and condensation damage.


Electrical and electro-optic equipment is frequently operated in remote locations that are inhospitable and difficult to access.  Applications are diverse: they can be monitoring stations located in mountains, gantry signs on a motorway, CCTV cameras, shipboard radar installations, specialist communications equipment.


Reduce operating costs

Electrical, electronic and electro-optic equipment is easily damaged when in contact with water or high levels of humidity. In addition to the replacement cost, maintenance, downtime and accessing the equipment can be very expensive and time consuming.


Rosahl membrane dehumidifiers are available in sizes suitable for sealed enclosures from less than one litre up to 4m³. They remove moisture through electrolysis when connected to a 3V DC power source is connected to the membrane.


Long service life

There are no moving parts to wear out, and the devices are silent and vibration free. The removal process does not involve liquid water, making the installation maintenance free.  Rosahl membranes have a long operating life, low power consumption and can operate 24/7 if required.


Operates below freezing

The Rosahl membrane dehumidifier operates below freezing and effectively throughout its operating temperature range of -20C to +50C (-4 to 122F). Operating below freezing is unusual for an electrical dehumidifier, but Rosahl membrane dehumidifiers are unaffected by the freezing point of water as they operate at the molecular level.



Rosahl was developed for dehumidifying steady-state cabinets. Steady-state means the enclosure should be sealed [typically IP55 or NEMA 4X if possible] to avoid the ingress of moisture under normal operation.  The precise drying times will depend on a number of variables such as starting and target humidity, air temperature, volume, leakage and so on, and typical drying table are included in the selection information.


Information and guidance on membrane selection can be found here

Protecting remote equipment from humidity and condensation damage
Rosahl dehumidifiers work using electrolysis
Protecting remote equipment from humidity and condensation damage

Where are Rosahl membrane dehumidifiers used?


Traffic control and display cabinetsExternal LED lighting
IP and CCTV cameras FTIR spectrographs
Mobile telecommunications outstationsLaser and Piezo systems
Protecting sensitive electro-optic devicesPrecision medical equipment
Museum displays and exhibition cabinetsOutdoor multimedia screens and displays