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Rosahl ready to use ionic membrane dehumidifier

RS2 Rosahl membrane dehumidifier

Rosahl has developed ready to use ionic membrane dehumidifiers for commercial, industrial and professional business applications. Rosahl ready to use membrane dehumidifiers are compact low energy devices with a long operating life. Importantly, they use a moisture removal process is waterless, thus needing no drainage or cleaning.

Their purpose is to lower humidity levels of enclosure volumes up to 4m³. All the user needs to do is install the membrane in their enclosure and apply 3V DC to the terminals. A reduction from 90% to 15% RH is achievable when Rosahl membranes are correctly sized and applied.

For enclosures from one to five litres, Rosahl membranes are in rigid plastic frames complete with power supply terminals. Larger models are in pre-drilled heavy-duty stainless-steel mountings complete with power supply terminals. Except for the PD Series, all models include a sealing gasket.

Rosahl: ready to use and easy to install

To install the membrane, make a small cut-out halfway up one of the enclosure side panels. The cutout should be the same size as the moisture discharging hole in the membrane mounting. Fix in position using fixing screws in the position indicated in the instructions. Rosahl is for indoor application is suitable for outdoor applications when fitted with a suitable protective rain cover.

Go here for a one page summary on the use, benefits and typical applications of Rosahl ready to use dehumidifiers. Here you will also  find a link to our new two-minute introductory video on the merits of using Rosahl ionic membrane dehumidifiers.

If you are tired of equipment damage due to moisture, Rosahl ready to use dehumidifiers will keep your equipment in top shape. They use proven technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric with sales of tens thousands of units sold worldwide, since 2010.

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