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Solid-state dehumidifiers revolutionise enclosure humidity control

Simplify enclosure and equipment dehumidifying with a next generation solid-state-micro dehumidifier.

Rosahl dehumidifiers suit enclosure from 500ml up to 8m³ (30 in³ to 280 ft³).

Rosahl are compact low power and maintenance free dehumidifiers

They protect sensitive electronic and optical equipment from long-term moisture damage.

Waterless process

No noise or vibration

Ultra compact

Maintenance free


Small energy footprint

Operates from -20° C to +50° C


For enclosures from 500ml to 8m³


QC tested


Warranty failures

Customers worldwide


  • Removes moisture by electrolysis
  • Compact size
  • Small energy footprint
  • No moving parts
  • Solid-state membrane
  • Long operating life
  • Robust performance


  • No maintenance, draining or cleaning
  • Fits enclosures sizes from 250ml to 8m³
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Vibration free, silent operation
  • High reliability with low energy footprint
  • Ideal for remote and hard to access equipment
  • Operates from -20° C to +50° C

Rosahl from Westside

  • Twelve years of specialist application support
  • Serving markets worldwide
  • Consultancy service
  • Personalised application advice

Small membranes

PD screw-in type up to 2 litres

Small membranes

RD flat type up to 2 litre

Small membranes

New RS type up to 5 litres



Flat membranes

MDL flat profile for up to 4m³


Metal mounted

M Series for up to 8m³

Challenge Traditional Dehumidifying


Enclosed membranes

ST Series for up to 4m³


New two minute video


Typical applications


  • CCTV
  • Control panels
  • FLIR
  • Infrared spectrographs
  • Instrumentation
  • LED lighting
  • Laser processing systems
  • Lidar
  • Medical and x-ray equipment
  • Museum displays and exhibition cabinets
  • Precision equipment storage cabinets
  • Protecting sensitive opto and electronic devices
  • Storage of hygroscopic materials

For more information on using Rosahl solid-state dehumidifiers, open our e-book

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