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Cabinet humidity levels can be controlled within tolerance using the ROSAHL solid-state ionic membrane dehumidifiers. This is achieved by having either one or two membranes: one to humidify and one to dehumidify. They are used for accurate cabinet humidity control

ROSAHL is a unique dehumidifier that uses a special solid polymer to electrolyte to decompose and remove moisture from the air with a low voltage direct current. It is sometimes called an ionic membrane dehumidifier.

How ionic membrane dehumidifiers work

When a 3V dc voltage is applied to the porous electrode attached to the special solid polymer electrolyte membrane. The moisture on the dehumidifying side separates into hydrogen ions (H+) and oxygen.  The hydrogen ion is them migrated through the electrolyte membrane, and on reaching the discharging side, it reacts with oxygen in the air to make water vapour.

Examples of cabinet humidity control
Electrical cabinet cabinet humidity
Storage cabinet humidity control

Accurate cabinet humidity control

When a membrane is installed it acts as a dehumidifier to reduce humidity to the set level.  Depending on the environment and application, Rosahl can reduce the humidity level to below 20% RH, and even works below freezing.

When the membrane is installed in the reverse direction, Rosahl acts as a humidifier, subject to sufficient external humidity. By using two humidity controllers and two membranes-one in each direction-it is possible to control the humidity inside an enclosure to within 10% of the set level.

Maintenance free

Rosahl is maintenance free as it operates at a molecular level, and no liquid water involved in the process. The advantage is there no pipes or drainage are required and nothing to clean or maintain. It is also silent and vibration free, and thus frequently used in display cabinets.

Very low power consumption

Importantly, Rosahl has a very low power consumption and can be operated 24/7 if required. As an example, when used to dehumidify a 1m³ enclosure the average annual power consumption is only 4 Watts. Rosahl micro dehumidifiers also have a long operating life. Cabinets up to 4m³ can be dehumidified this way.

Advantages of Rosahl dehumidifiers