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Uses for Rosahl micro dehumidifier

Typical Rosahl application

Every electrical engineer knows that water and electricity do not mix.  Water can cause short circuits, ground faults, rust and corrosion.  High impedance joints may cause fires and damage electrical and electronic equipment.  Downtime, lost production and repair costs can be enormous.

It is difficult to avoid condensation in electrical equipment and cabinets, and not only in regions with a high relative humidity (RH).  Water vapour condensing in conduits and  trunking may run into an equipment enclosure.  There are solutions but they invariably require an ongoing maintenance programme.  Except Rosahl.

ROSAHL is a unique solid state dehumidifier.  By applying a low voltage DC supply to its solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) moisture disassociates into hydrogen ions and oxygen and is expelled to the outside.  It makes no noise; has no moving parts to wear out; requires no maintenance; is compact, and is inexpensive to run.

Rosahl is an ideal dehumidifier for small volumes from 2 litres up to 2m³.  The smallest element is about a quarter the size of a regular AA battery.  Just fit it and forget it.