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Image of ionic membrane micro-dehumidifier

Most methods of dehumidifying require regular maintenance. Rosahl is different. If you’re in business, lifetime maintenance costs are often more than the cost of the equipment, but if  maintenance intervals are missed then the consequences can be even worse.

Rosahl is a small membrane that removes moisture through electrolysis. It needs no maintenance, has a low running cost, is very small and has a long service life.

Traditional drying cabinets often use thermal cooling systems designed to condense unwanted moisture and then drain it away.  Cooling is produced by thermo- electric (Peltier) heat pump or a compressor and refrigerated coil.  Draining the condensate and the running costs can be an issue.  Desiccant driers such as Silica gel are also used but require regular recycling to remove absorbed moisture.

When a low voltage power supply is connected to the unique Rosahl polymer membrane, moisture is absorbed into the membrane and broken down into oxygen and hydrogen ions.  These pass through the membrane and are expelled as water vapour on the other side.

The super slim (5.5mm ) Rosahl dehumidifying elements enjoy  a low power drain, have a long working life, are maintenance free, and silent and vibration free in operation.  Makes it idea for museum cabinet drying, protecting sensitive electronic equipment.