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Perfect for artefact protection due to silent , mainanence free low running cost in small size

Protection of artefacts

Museum collections are often made up of a variety of materials in a single collection including, but not limited to: canvas, oil and/or acrylic paints, wood, ivory, paper, bone, leather, and textiles. The biggest conservation issue for museum collections is the fluctuations in relative humidity and temperature. Relative Humidity (RH) is a measure of the percentage of saturation of the air.¹

It has also been internationally agreed upon that the RH should be set at 50%–55%. This has become widely accepted because the lower limit was set at 45% since damage to organic materials begin to occur below this point. The upper limit is placed at 65% because mould flourishes at 70% RH.

ROSAHL is ideal for controlling the humidity of museum and similar display cabinets. It has a number of advantages over conventional techniques: it is maintenance free; silent; long lasting, and inexpensive to run.


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