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Controlling humidity to required levels can be simplified using the ROSAHL solid state membrane.  ROSAHL is a new dehumidifier that utilises a special solid polymer electrolyte membrane to electrolytically decompose and remove moisture in the air with a low voltage direct current.

Dehumidify; humidify, or both for accurate humidity control of cabinets

When a 3V dc voltage is applied to the porous electrode attached to the special solid polymer electrolyte membrane, the moisture on the anode side (dehumidifying side) dissociates into hydrogen ion (H ) and oxygen.  The hydrogen ion then migrates through the solid polymer electrolyte membrane reaching the cathode side (moisture discharging side) where it reacts with oxygen in the air, resulting in water molecule (gas), which is then discharged.

This means that fitted one way it will operate as a dehumidifier, and if reversed it operates as a humidifier.  If specific levels of relative humidity are required, humidistat control may be applied.  ROSAHL has a very low power consumption and can be powered 24/7 if appropriate.

If two ROSAHL elements are used: one facing in and the other facing out, it is possible to control the humidity inside an enclosure using a simple control circuit.