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Stabilisation of enclosure humidity to required levels is simple using Rosahl solid state membrane. Rosahl uses a special solid polymer electrolyte membrane to remove moisture by electrolysis. Furthermore, as it is a clean process and does not involve liquid water, so requires no maintenance, draining or cleaning.
humidity stabilisation
It works by applying a 3V DC voltage toe the contacts (electrodes) of the membrane. Moisture on the dehumidifying side dissociates into hydrogen ions (H ) and oxygen. The hydrogen ions (not gas) migrate through the membrane reaching the moisture discharging side. There they react with oxygen in the air, resulting in the discharge of water vapour outside the enclosure.
Although designed for dehumidification, they are also used as humidifiers when reversed. This means that fitted one way it will operate as a dehumidifier, and if reversed it operates as a humidifier. It is also important not to reverse the electrical connections (polarity) as this will damage the membranes.

Humidity stabilisation

For achieving a precise humidity stabilisation, two membranes and a hygrostat (humidity controller) are necessary. One membrane faces in and the other faces out, but this also needs a simple electrical control circuit. Moreover, Rosahl has a very low power consumption and operates non-stop where needed by they application.