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IP camera dehumidifier

IP camera dehumidifier

Image of Rosahl PD3 micro dehumidifier in IP camera dehumidifierRosahl PD3 is a low energy thumbnail size membrane dehumidifier designed for use as an IP camera dehumidifier, in CCTV camers and other steady state environments that are closed to the ingress of further moisture. Larger sizes are available for drying storage cabinets, display cabinets, protecting moiture sensitive devices, preserving artefacts, and a wide range of similar applications.

Low power

The Rosahl membrane is a solid state dehumidifier that requires a 3 Volt D.C supply. It has no moving parts and is therefore silent and vibration free in operation. It is also very economical to run and requires no maintenance.

Rosahl is a compact electric dehumidifier that uses an ionic membrane to electrically dehumidify enclosures of less than two litres in size. The PD3 version model is 75%smaller than a regular AA battery and is installed through a 12mm diameter hole in the enclosure.  It is the World’s smallest electric dehumidifier in commercial use.  Larger sizes are available for enclosures up to 4m³.

Flat profile model

Image of Rosahl RD3 micro dehumidifierWith the same price and capacity as the circular PD3 model, the RD versions have a flat profile and use four mounting screws.  They are available for mounting inside of the container (model RD3), or outside in the case of the RD4.

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Advantages of Rosahl micro-dehumidifiers


Silent & vibration free

Rosahl dehumidifiers have no moving parts so there is no noise or vibration when operating.

Maintenance Free

Rosahl requires no regular maintenance, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)

Long Operating Life

Rosahl uses a solid-state ionic membrane giving it a long service life and low operating costs

Low Energy Footprint

Rosahl membranes operate at 3V d.c. and use a very low average operating current to save energy


Ultra Compact

75% smaller than an AA battery, Rosahl can be used in enclosures from 250ml

Operates Below Freezing

Tested to -20°C, Rosahl may be used for internal and external applications

No moving parts

Rosahl dehumidifiers have no moving parts so there is no noise or vibration when operating and nothing to wear our or service

Solid-state membrane

Solid-state polymer electrolyte (SPE) provides reliable operation with low average power consumption and a long service life

No liquid water

The process works at a molecular level and no liquid water is involved, so no cleaning or drainage are needed