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It goes where no other dehumidifier can

Rosahl is a revolutionary micro dehumidifier designed for use where no other dehumidifier can go, such as remote locations of where servicing is difficult. It was designed for enclosures and small spaces where long-term, maintenance-free drying is an important factor.

Methods of dehumidification

There are many ways of dehumidifying cabinets containing valuable or sensitive equipment. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, such as initial investment, running cost, maintenance cost, and practicality. Methods include:

– condensing/refrigeration methods using compressors and thermo-electric devices (e.g Peltier devices).

– physical adsorption is another popular using silica gel or similar porous adsorbents

– purged air systems

– heating rod

– condensate types

– ionic membrane dehumidifiers

It goes where no other dehumidifier can
Rosahl type M-2J1R micro dehumidifier
smallest electric dehumidifier

Ionic membrane dehumidifiers

Ionic membrane dehumidifiers such as Rosahl use a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) to move humidity out of a sealed enclosure when a low voltage is applied. Operating at a molecular level without involving visible liquid water means it is unaffected by the need for maintenance, and so help reduce operating costs.

One of the benefits of the ROSAHL dehumidifying membrane is that it is affected by few of the limitations of other air drying methods.  All it requires is a 3volt dc power supply and it can be used in almost any suitable cabinet.  It has a low average power consumption, is maintenance free, and works at temperatures from -10 to +50°C (14 to +122°F)

Low energy dehumidifier

Designed for industrial and commercial applications, the process does not produce liquid water as a by-product, making it maintenance free and suitable for use in a wide range of enclosures from under 500ml up to 4m³ (140 cu ft) in volume. The smallest models are 75% smaller than an AA battery, making them ideal for CCTV and IP cameras, and many and similar applications.

Membrane dehumidifiers operate through electrolysis when connected to a 3V DC power source.

Advantages of Rosahl dehumidifiers