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The ROSAHL solid state dehumidifier uses an advanced polymer membrane to remove moisture from industrial and commercial enclosures.  It was originally made to protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment in remote or difficult to service outdoor locations. The membranes are economical to run, maintenance free, and have a long service life.  They are also silent in operation. This makes them suitable for cameras, sensitive instruments, displays and other indoor or outdoor applications.

thumbnail dehumidifier

The smallest in the family of membranes measures a thumbnail sized 24 x 30 x 5.5mm and is suitable for enclosures up to 0.2 m³ (7 cu. ft.).  It also has a very small electrical footprint, using an average current of 80mW from a 3V d.c. supply. This makes them ideal for situations requiring a constant environment.  Furthermore, larger sizes are also available for enclosures up to 8m³ (280 cu. ft)

With no moving parts, no drainage pipes to clean and a long maintenance-free service operation, the low lifetime operating costs also make ROSAHL an interesting alternative to conventional air drying solutions.