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ROSAHL small cabinet dehumidifiers offer peace of mind to manufacturers and users seeking to tropicalise or protect electrical control panels and sensitive equipment.  In addition to rust, moisture can cause corrosion in other metals and printed circuit boards.  It may also cause the failure or reduced performance of electronic devices and other sensitive equipment such as optics and lasers.

With a workable service life of up to ten years; requiring no maintenance; having compact dimensions; silent operation and with a low power consumption it is a unique solution for fit-and-forget applications.

The maintenance free ionic membrane used in Rosahl makes it particularly suitable for the protection of equipment in remote locations where a visit by a service engineer is impracticable or just plain expensive.

ROSAHL is a solid state polymer membrane that mounts on the side of an enclosure.  When a 3V dc supply is attached, water vapour inside the cabinet is attracted to the membrane where electrolysis splits it into constituent parts.  The hydrogen ions then migrate through the membrane to recombine with oxygen on the outside.

The smallest unit is the RD3 and has dimension of 18 x 24 x 5mm excluding electrical terminations.  It is suitable for air drying sealed cabinets up to 2 litres in summer or winter conditions, and larger versions are also available for enclosures up to 2m³.  For larger volumes multiple units can be applied up to 8m³, depending on climatic conditions  They are used indoors or out and may be fitted with a humidity controller if required, or run 24/7.  Typical power consumption of the RD3 at 3V is 80mW and the unit requires a suitable power source.[/wpcol_1half_end]

Rosahl is available in a variety of forms and option.

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