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protect instrumentation from moisture

Micro-dehumidifiers protect instrumentation from moisture damage


Whether caused by water or water vapour, damage to instrumentation is both costly and dangerous. It is also avoidable. Installing micro-dehumidifiers protect instrumentation from moisture damage both during and after warranty. Furthermore, they make good commercial sense to protect your brand, reputation and avoidable warranty call-outs

Instrumentation covers many products, from simple measuring and dosing systems to complex analytical devices. The technology involved is often sophisticated, sensitive and expensive. The environment it is measuring, may be the most damaging to it.


Protect instrumentation from moisture

Rosahl is a range of very compact electric micro-dehumidifiers that eject water from an enclosure by electrolysis. Using a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) membrane, the membrane moves humidity out of a sealed enclosure. As the operation does not involve liquid water, there is no maintenance requirement, as with desiccants, and no need for cleaning drainage systems as with condensing dehumidifiers.

Applying 3V DC to the membrane’s electrode, causes, moisture on the porous inside face to dissociates into hydrogen ions (H+) and oxygen. Next, the hydrogen ions migrate through membrane and discharged on the outside. Here, they react with oxygen in the air to reform water vapour. As a  result, the process has many advantages over other conventional methods.


Small physical size and energy footprint

The membranes are very compact. This makes them suitable for enclosures from under one litre to over four cubic metres. The membrane for a two-litre volume is 75% smaller than an AA battery: for a two cubic metre volume the membrane measures 108 x 108 x 2.3 mm. Importantly, as they operate at 3V DC, they present no electrical hazard, and they have a very small energy footprint.

To protect instrumentation from moisture in normal operation the membranes have a typical half-life of five years when operating 24/7. Moreover, coupled with their operating life it means they are suitable for use in remote locations, and application that may be otherwise difficult to access. As a result, it gives them a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

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