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The best way to protect micro electronics from moisture damage

There are many ways or protecting micro electronics in commercial and industrial applications from moisture damage, but Rosahl micro dehumidifier membranes bring something new.

Silica gel for example is frequently used to dehumidify devices like electronics and cameras, but the user must remember to regularly recharged it (generally by heating). Rosahl micro dehumidifiers will do the job without the need for servicing and bring with them many other benefits.

The solid membrane used in the dehumidifier removes humidity from the device enclosure to the outside by electrolysis of water. It operates fromĀ a 3V DC source; is drain-less, noiseless, maintenance free, and very compact.

The appropriate relative humidity depends on a number the equipment to be protected, and factors such as temperature and dew point. If humidity is too low electrostatic discharge (ESD may be a problem: too high and there may not be adequate protection.


Table of RH values for many common production items

We are unable to offer specific advice on the humidity range suitable for different materials: speak with a knowledgeable person, or use a resource such as the Engineering toolbox table.


Production and Process EnvironmentRecommended Relative Humidity (RH%)
Seed Storage35 - 45%
Unpacked Medicine20 - 35%
Transformer Winding15 - 30%
Semiconductors30 - 50%
Books and Paper Archive40 - 55%
Paper Storage35 - 45%
Preventing rust & corrosionbelow 55%
<40% for no rust generation
Library50 - 55%
Laboratory Electronics45 - 60%
Computer Peripherals50 - 60%
Normal Storage50 - 55%
Musical Instruments45 - 55%
Leather products40 - 55%
Cable wrapping15 - 25%
Chemical Laboratory30 - 45%

Caution when using this information >

Important information should always be double checked with alternative sources. All applicable national and local regulations and practices concerning these aspects must be strictly followed and adhered to.


Advantages of Rosahl dehumidifiers