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In an article on contamination and moisture effects on printed circuit board reliability, ERA Technology* identified moisture; applied voltage, and ionic contamination as leading causes of failure.

ROSAHL protects pcbs from moisture damage and failure

Dendrites: pretty but dangerous







To remove moisture from even the smallest of enclosures and prevent condensation, a dehumidifier 25% the size of an AA battery has been introduced by Japanese technology company Ryosai Technica Company.  Using a unique solid state polymer electrolytic (SPE) membrane the ‘ionic pump’ uses electrolysis to remove moisture from inside an enclosure and prevent condensation.  It makes no noise, has no moving parts to wear out; requires no maintenance, is very small and cheap to run.  No maintenance means they are ideal for use in remote locations of where maintenance is difficult.


The smallest unit for a 2 litre enclosure uses a 3V dc power source and has an average consumption of 80mW so running costs are almost negligible.  A range of membranes is available for enclosures up to 2m³ and over.  They are mounted in plastic cases which are installed in the side of the enclosure to be dehumidified.


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