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Rosahl is an electric dehumidifier smaller than a bag of silica gel and provides a long term solution to humidity control.  It is a family of solid-state micro dehumidifiers specifically designed for drying small enclosures of up to 2m³, although large volumes are also possible.  Rosahl’s unique solid polymer membrane removes moisture through electrolysis. It needs no maintenance; is silent and vibration free; has a low running cost, is very compact and has a long service life.

Rosahl offers a unique micro drying solution for OEM industrial and commercial applications and can also be used to humidify an enclosure and when used with a humidistat/humidity sensor will maintain a level of humidity within set parameters.

Ryosai Technica Company a group member company of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Japan, and developed Rosahl in response to a demand for compact maintenance free, air drying solutions to protect sensitive equipment from moisture damage.  Mitsubishi holds a series of patents for the technology.