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The Rosahl panel dehumidifier utilises porous electrodes on each side of a hydrogen-ion conductive electrolyte film, to transfer moisture from the inside of a cabinet to the outside and thus dehumidifying it. In terms of energy, approximately 2% of the heater system and 20% of the Peltier system are required, making the life time cost of ownership much lower: for example, the ROSAHL is capable of dehumidifying 2m³ of a control panel using only 5W, whereas the heating and Peltier systems require 250W and 25W, respectively.


Moreover, the ROSAHL has no moving mechanical components and reacts only with oxygen and water; therefore, there is no noise, vibration or harmful objects for consideration and it is totally maintenance free. In addition to preventing unsafe conditions (corrosion, etc.) and extending the service life of the control panel and its components, the utilization of ROSAHL dehumidifiers reduces the energy consumption and negative environmental impact of the unit


Furthermore, the dehumidifier be utilised for preventing moisture in storage areas for clothing, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals