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Low power, noiseless, maintenance free dehumidification for enclosures

Smallest of the ROSAHL dehumidifiers

Designed to protect cabinets containing sensitive electrical and electronic equipment including cameras, the ROSAHL ionic membrane dehumidifier offers a long, maintenance free service life and economical running costs.  The membrane is mounted on the side of the enclosure and uses electrolysis to expel water vapour to the outside.

The smallest version is the RD-1, which measures only 30 x 24 x 5.5 mm and can be used to extract up to 0.2g of water a day from enclosures up to 0.2 m³ (7 cu ft).  Power consumption is an average of 80mW from a 3V dc source.

With many other applications and users worldwide ROSAHL is a revolutionary way to remove moisture