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exacting environmental storage conditions maintained with ROSAHL ionic membrane dehunidifiers

Expensive damage due to humidity can easily be avoided

Through the use of an ionic membrane the ROSAHL line of dehumidifiers offers a number of benefits over traditional methods of air drying for applications such as electrical cabinets, antiquity displays and equipment storage cabinets.  Originally developed to prevent moisture damage to remote equipment such as CCTV cameras and traffic signs it has found a place in a variety of applications.

Low life-time cost is one of the main benefits of using the technology that uses electrolysis to remove water vapour from the air.  Typically, a device for air drying an enclosure of up to 1m³ (35 cu. ft) would consume 3W of power at 3V dc.  Importantly, service costs are also minimised as  ROSAHL is maintenance free and requires no drainage.  It is also noiseless and has a long service life.

The ROSAHL membrane can be supplied complete with mountings, power supply and humidity controller, or as a membrane only.  For membrane only the cabinet supplier would need to make a suitable installation.  List prices for the membrane only start from 46 Euros.