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Rosahl is a special purpose dehumidifier used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to protect electronics, optics, artefacts and other sensitive items from moisture damage.

It uses an ultra compact solid state ionic membrane to actively expel moisture from the cabinet or enclosure.  It can reduce relative humidity to below 10% if required, and can also be used as a humidifier.

ROSAHL was developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Group member Ryosai Technica Company in Japan in response to a demand for compact maintenance free, air drying solutions to protect sensitive equipment from moisture damage.  Rosahl has many benefits over conventional dehumidifiers like silica gel, Peltier devices and heaters.

Maintenance free operation

It is maintenance free as it needs no drainage or cleaning and this improves the lifetime operating costs; it has no moving parts to wear our and therefore makes no noise or vibration; is ultra compact to fit into the smallest of spaces such as a external CCTV cameras; has very low average running current making it economical to operate, and it has a long service life.

Rosahl is available in a range of sizes for enclosures from 0.2 litres up to 2m³.  Multiple units can be used for spaces up to a maximum of 8m³.  It requires a 3V dc supply to power the solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) at the heart of the device.

The dehumidifying SPE ionic membrane is mounted in a plastic case which is installed in the side of the enclosure to be dehumidified.  The humidity inside the enclosure may be controlled using an optional humidity controller if appropriate.  By installing two Rosahl membranes in a single enclosure the internal RH can be balanced almost regardless of the external humidity.

The membrane is designed to operate at temperatures from -10º to +50º C and humidity up to 95%.

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