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Waterless dehumidifier

Waterless dehumidifier is not a paradox

Removing moisture invariably produces water as a by-product, so a waterless dehumidifier sounds like a paradox, but it’s not. The Rosahl membrane dehumidifier uses electrolysis to remove moisture from enclosures. One of the main advantage is that the process is maintenance free, and requires no draining or cleaning.

A Rosahl membrane dehumidifier is normally mounted in a cut-out in the side of an enclosure. It works using a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) to remove moisture from the air inside enclosures and expel it using electrolysis when a 3V DC voltage is applied: it provides clean moisture extraction at a low cost.

Waterless dehumidifier is not a paradox

How a waterless dehumidifier works

Rosahl dehumidifying membrane, the SPE is porous. When a 3 Volt D.C. voltage is applied, moisture inside the enclosure separates into hydrogen (ions) and oxygen. The hydrogen ions are forced through the membrane to be discharged on the outside where they immediately react with oxygen in the air, resulting in water vapour being discharged. For some applications, the SPE membrane can be reversed and used as a humidifier.

Protects remote or hard to service equipment.

Precision electro-optic and electronics are moisture sensitive devices, and Rosahl offers a clean, compact method of dehumidification. A waterless dehumidifier has no moving parts making it economical to run, silent, and vibration free.  As no liquid water is involved in the process, it is maintenance-free making it suitable for use in remote locations or where servicing is expensive or otherwise difficult. The membrane has a long operating life and has been tested to work from -10 to +50C

Rosahl membrane dehumidifiers are available in various sizes to suit enclosures volumes from one litre up to 4 cubic metres. And will work where the ambient relative humidity is up to 95%. Go here for an introduction to membrane dehumidifiers, and here for application and selection information.

Advantages of Rosahl dehumidifiers