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Micro-dehumidifiers are used to air-dry small enclosures and cabinets up to 4m³. This removes the risk of moisture damage and condensation. They are used in electrical cabinets, instruments CCTV and a wide range of other applications.

One of the many benefits of solid state dehumidifiers is that need no maintenance, drainage of cleaning.

For ease of use, dehumidifier drying time curves are shown in graphical form, based on defined conditions.

However, there are many factors that can affect the drying times, and hence selection of the correct membrane. These include: enclosure volume; ambient humidity; target humidity; contents of the enclosure, and temperature. Go here for more information on how to select Rosahl dehumidifiers.

The following table is for the M-Series membranes, with capacities from 0.25m³ through to 4m³. Go here for smaller sizes and more information on the application and selection of Rosahl micro-dehumidifier range.


Rosahl M-Series drying curves