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The hidden cost  of maintenance

When sourcing equipment to reduce the moisture content of air, the capital cost is invariably considered before the cost of maintaining a low moisture environment (cost of ownership). According to Steve Jones of Westside International Ltd, “from both cost and performance perspectives, maintenance is often a hidden cost when purchasing equipment.”

Display equipment can cost more to maintain than to buy

When going out for competitive tender we find price, delivery, quality and suitability for purpose are all considered and specified.  Cost of ownership, which includes running costs, regular maintenance, and spares and repairs are often not considered.  Firstly they are difficult to quantify, secondly they complicate the buying process, and finally, maintenance is a running cost for the owner, and invariably a different budget from capital expenditure.  Accountants consider net buying prices, ROI, hurdle rates and NPV, so why not lifetime costs?


onic memnrane dehumidifier

Ionic membrane dehumidifiers

The Rosahl membrane dehumidifier uses an ionic membrane powered by a low voltage supply to  remove moisture from the inside of a cabinet by electrolysis.  It provides clean moisture extraction and low cost, maintenance free performance, helping manage the cost of maintaining a low moisture environment.

Advantages of Rosahl dehumidifiers