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maintenance free dehumidification

Maintenance free dehumidification.

Rosahl’s maintenance free dehumidification technology uses a unique low voltage membrane to electrolytically remove moisture from enclosures.   Because no liquid water is involved at any time, they are compact, maintenance-free, long lasting and inexpensive to run.  This makes Rosahl particularly suitable for sites requiring maintenance free dehumidification, where access is difficult; in complex equipment, and for use in remote locations.

Protecting assets from moisture damage

Rosahl was developed in response to demand for compact maintenance free dehumidification systems to protect sensitive equipment from moisture damage.  It has since found its way into applications such as protecting electro-optics, LEDs, piezo-electronics, laser systems, display cabinets, telecommunications equipment, pre-production storage and electrical cabinets.

maintenance free dehumidification
maintenence free dehumidifiers

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maintenance free dehumidification

Membrane dehumidifiers offer better solution.

Moisture is removed when a low voltage is connected to the ionic membrane.  Unlike condensing humidifiers they are small, have no moving parts and are silent: unlike silica gel, they do not need to be regularly recharged or replaced.

Volumes up to 4m³

Depending on the local climate, Rosahl membranes are generally suitable for enclosures up to 4 cubic metres, although larger volumes can be accommodated using multiple membranes.  The smallest models are designed for volumes up to two litres and the dehumidifier is 75% smaller than an AA battery.

Low energy footprint

Since Rosahl products use very little energy compared to other types of humidification, they can be left to run 24/7, continuously extracting moisture from an enclosed area without incurring major energy costs for providing maintenance free dehumidification.

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Advantages of Rosahl micro-dehumidifiers


Silent & vibration free

Rosahl dehumidifiers have no moving parts so there is no noise or vibration when operating.


Maintenance Free

Rosahl requires no regular maintenance, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)

Long Operating Life

Rosahl uses a solid-state ionic membrane giving it a long service life and low operating costs

Low Energy Footprint

Rosahl membranes operate at 3V d.c. and use a very low average operating current to save energy


Ultra Compact

75% smaller than an AA battery, Rosahl can be used in enclosures from 250ml

Operates Below Freezing

Tested to -20°C, Rosahl may be used for internal and external applications

No moving parts

Rosahl dehumidifiers have no moving parts so there is no noise or vibration when operating and nothing to wear our or service

Solid-state membrane

Solid-state polymer electrolyte (SPE) provides reliable operation with low average power consumption and a long service life

No liquid water

The process works at a molecular level and no liquid water is involved, so no cleaning or drainage are needed