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Mitsubishi Electric solid state dehumidifier

Manufactured in Japan  by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation member company  Ryosai Technica Co.Ltd Rosahl is a solid state dehumidifier using an ionic membrane to transport water from inside enclosures to the outside world.

Photo of MDL-3 dehumidifier

Rosahl low power dehumidifier

It was developed in response to a demand for compact maintenance free, air drying solutions to protect sensitive equipment from moisture damage.  It is widely used in a range of applications including the protection of equipment from humidity damage.

Typical Rosahl applications

  • Production line components
  • CCTV Systems
  • Disaster monitoring equipment 
  • Piezo-electric and opto-electronic devices
  • FT-IR Spectrometers

The micro dehumidifier uses a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) to remove moisture by electrolysis when a 3V dc is applied to the terminals.  The electrolyte has no moving parts making it silent and vibration free in operation.  The process separates hydrogen from the water vapor and expels it from the enclosure.  When outside, the Hydrogen ions recombine with oxygen in the atmosphere to form water vapour again.

Low energy dehumidification

Rosahl uses a low energy process and the the polymer membrane benefits from a long maintenance free operating life.  Rosahl is suitable for use in sealed enclosures from 250ml to 2m³ (larger if multiple units are employed).  The devices are available in various sizes according to the volume to be dehumidified.  The smallest is 75% smaller than a dry cell.