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The smart cabinet dehumidifiers are surprisingly resourceful | RosahlSmart cabinet dehumidifiers from Rosahl operate over the long-term without maintenance or attention. Using Rosahl’s unique moisture extraction system, no liquid water is present in the process. Moreover, it provides significant benefits over conventional alternatives.  Designed for air drying closed cabinets, it works like an ionic pump breaking down the moisture inside a cabinet and expelling it to the outside. Smart cabinet dehumidifiers achieve this using a low power electrical supply. Equally, they are silent in operation; drainless; maintenance free and have a long service life.

They work using a solid-state ionic polymer membrane that is used in various industrial processes. It works by electrolysis when a low voltage is applied, and as a cabinet dehumidifier, has been in use for over ten years.
ROSAHL micro drying solutions are available in a range of sizes and suitable for enclosed applications up to 8m³ (280 cu ft) They use very little electricity so can run 24/7, or if needed work in conjunction with a humidistat for precise humidity control.  Furthermore, for some installations the configuration can is reversible for use to humidify enclosures.

Smart cabinet dehumidifiers

Importantly, their unique operating characteristics make them ideal for use in remote locations or in hard to service equipment. Most installations are indoor, but they are suitable for use outside with extra protection, and typical applications for Rosahl membrane dehumidifiers include:
  • Display and storage cabinets
  • Protecting electronics from moisture damage
  • Traffic control and electrical cabinets
  • Outdoor multimedia screens, displays and signage
  • Telecommunications such as mobile phone outstations
  • Precision equipment storage cabinets
  • Museum displays and exhibition cabinets
  • Storage of hygroscopic materials
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Protecting lasers and LED lighting
  • High performance optical systems
  • Protecting instrumentation
  • Remote CCTV and IP cameras
  • Medical equipment
  • Outdoor infotainment systems
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