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MDL5 200

A Rosahl solid-state dehumidifier uses a unique membrane to electrolytically remove moisture from small enclosures up to two cubic metres.  They are compact, maintenance-free, long lasting and inexpensive to run.

One of the main benefits of using Rosahl dehumidifiers is that they do not require servicing or maintenance as the moisture is removed by electrolysis and no liquid water is involved.  This significantly reduces operating costs and makes them idea for use in remote locations or in complex equipment.

Rosahl was developed in response to demand for compact maintenance free, air drying solutions to protect sensitive equipment from moisture damage.  It has since found its way into applications such as protecting opto-electronics, LEDs, piezo-electronics ,display cabinets, telecommunications equipment, pre-production storage and electrical cabinets.

Moisture is removed when a low voltage is connected to the ionic membrane.  Unlike condensing humidifiers they are small, have no moving parts and are silent: unlike silica gel, they do not need to be regularly recharged or replaced. The smallest model is for volumes up to two litres and the dehumidifier is 75% smaller than an AA battery.


Since Rosahl products use very little energy compared to other types of humidification, they can be left to run 24/7 continuously extracting moisture from an enclosed area without incurring major energy costs.

Enclosed spaces up to eight cubic metres can also be accommodated using multiple membranes.  For Rosahl to be effective the enclosure needs to be sealed against further moisture ingress.